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Animation work

This is my current reel of animation work. I have been working in the animation industry for 16 years, primarily in Portland, Oregon, for Will Vinton Studios/Vinton Studios which eventually became LAIKA and LAIKA/house. Most of my work was in the traditional 2D animation medium through LAIKA/house, the division of LAIKA that made animated commercials. I have also worked for House Special, Bent Image Lab and Ffake.  In addition to being an assistant animator, and Lead Assistant animator on certain projects, I have been the Lead in the ink and paint department at LAIKA/house.

Below is a still from the recent Pirate’s Booty spot done at House Special. This shot was assisted by me except for the parrot, and the complete spot was inked and painted by myself which included tracking product into almost all of the shots and camera work/camera moves as well.


Below is a spot for SoyJoy snack bars. I was Lead Digital Ink & Paint artist, doing camera work and extensive compositional work as well as being one of the assistant animators/cleanup artists.

Below are stills from Cookie Crisp spot “Inflatable Cookie.” These are two shots that I was assistant animator on and also did the ink and paint work. The wolf’s backpack and the large cookie are cg elements. The ink and paint work on this campaign involves self-colored line making the paint process much more involved.

CookieCrisp_cleanup01 CookieCrisp_cleanup02

Cookie Crisp Wolf cleanup

The drawings below are some of the finished cleanup drawings from some Honey Nut Cheerios spots done at LAIKA/house. This stage of the process is where we assistant animators clean up the rough animation drawings and draw the in-between drawings. These are the finished animation drawings that are scanned and then painted using ToonBoom’s Harmony software.

Buzz from Honey Nut Cheerios - cleaned up drawingBuzz's buddy Marco from Honey Nut Cheerios - cleaned up drawing