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This is my current reel of animation work. I have been working in the animation industry since 1999, primarily in Portland, Oregon, for Will Vinton Studios/Vinton Studios which eventually became LAIKA and LAIKA/house. Most of my work was in the traditional 2D animation medium through LAIKA/house, the division of LAIKA that made animated commercials. I have also worked for House Special, Bent Image Lab and Ffake, Big Giant and Visionem.  In addition to being an animator, assistant animator, and Lead Assistant animator on certain projects, I have been the Lead in the ink and paint department at LAIKA/house.

Above is a short time-lapse of me working on assistant animation (cleanup animation) on one of the early shots in the “BoxTrolls” end credit sequence. HouseSpecial created the credit sequence, with a team of assistants and ink and paint artists. I was Lead Assistant Animator and Lead Ink and Paint Artist for the credits, though did not receive an on-screen credit stating such.