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Graphic Design

Graduating from the University of Oregon in 1991, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Design. While at U of O, I also studied the Fine Arts, my favorites being drawing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture and painting.

Logo designs for The Laurelwood Group, a subsidiary of Visionem were designed in Adobe Illustrator.

Above are more design ideas for The Laurelwood Group logo update.

Logo idea sketches for The Laurelwood Group.
Logo and business card design for a hair salon in the Moreland area of Portland.
Logo design for a friend’s custom car building shop.
Corporate logo redesign for Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon, circa 2000.
Brochure I designed for Hardwood Industries in Tualatin, Oregon while employed at InForm Graphics in Beaverton, Oregon. I was particularly happy with my decision to put a 2×4 board on the scanner for the background of this piece and then to simulate the logo being burned into it.
In 1992 I designed a lapel pin for a local Volkswalk event, and in its process of going through the city of Beaverton’s approval process, it was seen by the mayor. The city contacted me to modify this design to be used as the official logo of the city in 1993 and was used on street signs, city vehicles, postage, city mail, garbage cans and many other applications. My design was used from 1993 until the recent logo change in 2013/2014. I was extremely excited at the time to have such a huge opportunity and felt very fortunate. Of course, a few years later and for the next 18 years, I wanted to update and refine the design…no big surprise, I’m rarely completely happy with any finished product. It is still on street signs and other city articles at this time.
Business card designs for a local hair stylist. Created in Photoshop and InDesign.
Holiday card design for Will Vinton Studios. Created in Photoshop.
Alternate holiday card design for Will Vinton Studios. Created in Photoshop.
Birthday invite/announcement for a co-worker’s husband. Created in Photoshop.