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Medical related animation

While I worked at Visionem, I created a number of animations, some related to the medical concepts and teaching moments of certain parts of the curriculum. Above is the trauma situation called “Flail Chest” which is when a group of ribs is broken and “floating” or “flailing” in the chest wall. They are still attached by tendons and connective tissue, but have no structure to provide rigidity for the ribcage in that area. This is the area in the animation where it bulges out and pushes in in a non-uniform shape relative to the rest of the chest wall. This situation is also called “Pardoxical Respiration.”
Above is the animated logo for TCAR, Trauma Care After Resuscitation, created by me while at Visionem. Created using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and Media Encoder.
Visionem needed a logo redesign, and this is an animation of the final design. I animated this in After Effects with Photoshop and Illustrator elements.
Above is an animation of the process of a child’s respiration cycle, spotlighting the action of the diaphragm during this process.
This is an animation I created for a branch of Visionem called Allegro Reviews. It’s purpose is to provide educational tools for trauma nurses in the form of study books.