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Sketching is one of my favorite creative outlets. A good Blue Prismacolor Col-Erase pencil and some nice paper and I am set. It’s fun to think through sketching, trying to figure out a story idea, character design idea or how something would work or look in/from a certain position or perspective. They are not always pretty, but almost always useful in some way.


Halloween 2012 headstone sketch small

This is a sketch of the final design for my first headstone. To my delight, the final sculpted headstone turned out pretty good, although there are definitely some things that I would do differently.


Next are a few sketches I did while working on a commercial animation job, making some photo props to be used in the stop-motion sets.

Mr Inappropiate Peanut sketches  African explorer sketch-1small MrPeanut Zombie_Mummy1


Beevis sketch

This is a sketch that I did while working on a Honey Nut Cheerios spot, while drawing the hero I was also thinking about Beavis and Butthead,  and wondered what Beavis might look like in the bee world. So here is a sketch of “Beevis.”


Below is the initial sketch of a reindeer for a set piece/prop to be used in the Harold & Kumar Christmas movie. This was used in a window display in the stop-motion set during the big “mayhem” shot in the stop-mo acid trip sequence in the film.

Initial sketch of deer for window display, HK3.