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Commercial Work

Since starting at Will Vinton Studios in 1999, I have worked on many local, national and international animated television commercials. This includes work at Vinton, LAIKA, LAIKA/house, HouseSpecial, Bent Image Lab, Ffake and Big Giant.

Above is a still from a Pirate’s Booty spot. I was Lead Ink and Paint Artist as well as an assistant animator on the Pirate’s Booty spots.
Cocoa Puffs spot I worked on at House Special. I was the ink and paint person and the assistant animator for this hybrid 2D/3D (CG) project. Aaron Sorenson directed and animated. This was the last job I worked on while H/S was still in the Will Vinton Studios Pettygrove building. Lots of history in that building.
Honey Nut Cheerios – “Forklands” :30 2D/3D(CG) animated TV spot.
I was an Ink and Paint artist and Assistant Animator on all the Honey Nut Cheerios spots that Vinton/LAIKA did.
One of my cleanup drawings of Buzz from Honey Nut Cheerios.
Starbucks “Bear Hug” 2D animated TV spot.
I was the Ink and Paint artist, as well as an Assistant Animator on this set of 3 spots for Starbucks. Lots of late nights went into the ink and paint and compositing of this campaign!
There were a set of four spots for Soyjoy, a healthy snack bar. They all had different looks, styled after different popular artists. I was an assistant animator and Lead Ink and Paint artist on the Soyjoy spots. Challenging to get the looks right and since 95% of all 2D jobs have been new, there is always a bit of time taken to figure out new methods and media. So much fun though!
Above is a still frame of one shot that I cleaned up as well as painted for Cookie Crisp Cereal.